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Sharon F.

I have been a regular patient for a couple years since moving to the area. The entire staff is simply exceptional. When my elderly parents recently moved to this area, my mother, who is now a wheelchair user and blind, required an upper denture replacement and needed a Reston dentist. I never considered taking her anywhere else but to RSS! What could have been an anxious and uncomfortable experience for my mother was quite positive and went so well due to the patience and skill of Dr Kazemifar and Sherrie. Special thanks to Priscilla for working with our schedules and always being so gracious.

Elizabeth F.

Everyone at the Reston dentist office is very professional and helpful. Clearly, customer service is a top priority. Additionally, the dentist/assistants explain every procedure in great detail, and they focus on comfort and hygiene. I’m very pleased with this dentist and the entire office. I’ve returned three times, and each time was great! Highly recommended!

Brian B.

Finally getting my pearly whites back into shape with help from the whole Reston team! From the kind, and helpful ladies on the office side of things to the dental technicians; genuine smiles everywhere! After my first several visits I couldn’t be happier with my overall experience and will be a returning Reston dentist customer as long as they’ll have me haha. Thank you awesome gals for everything!

Sarah D.

It’s always a pleasure walking in to Reston Serenity Smile. Everyone is friendly and helpful. My entire family loves the environment.

Greg D.

First visit. Modern, high tech, very clean, good location with easy access. Extremely friendly staff. Extremely friendly dentist whose examination was easily the most thorough I’ve ever experienced. When done she projected my X-Rays on a monitor so I could see the issues she was describing, explaining each in detail so I would understand what needed to be done. The cleaning was painless and thorough. Easily the best dentist I’ve ever visited! Highly recommend!

Samantha C.

Called as a new patient, got a quick appointment, wait time was awesome and the care and quality given was great! Not to mention a friendly staff! Check this place for your next dentist visit. Trust me you will be glad you did!

Clare G.

I recently had a cleaning and tend to be a skiddish patient. Regina the hygenist was wonderful and made me feel right at ease. The equipment that she used was the latest and greatest and there was no friction with polishing/ grinding and such. They use a stream of water that takes all of the plaque from your teeth. I highly recommend this dental practice. They are all friendly and super efficient with the business utilizing great appointment reminder techniques too.